noun /SHəˈret/
charrettes, pluralA short and intensive design process that usually involves people from different backgrounds and disciplines in order to gain an integrated and broad perspective of issues at hand.…


Coffee is food.  It exists to bring pleasure to those who drink it.  Part of that pleasure is sharing it with others.  There are a lot of ways to make coffee at home, and a lot of pleasure, both gustatory and somatosensory, to be had making it.  What’s not so common is the opportunity to share the pleasure of making coffee with others.  The goal of the Coffee Charrettes are to provide venues that celebrates the pleasure of  making coffee and facilitate the sharing of that pleasure with others.  A Coffee Charrette is to making coffee as what a really good cafe is to drinking coffee.

The Coffee Charrettes are an attempt to create a hybrid community space that  bring together domestic coffee drinkers, domestic coffee enthusiasts (home baristas/coffee geeks), cafe patrons, cafe professionals, roasters, buyers, equipment manufactures, and just about anyone else involved in the making of coffee.  This space has two primary goals:  fostering the exchange of information between these often disparate parties and to do so using time and resources volunteered and donated from within the coffee community.  Not every Charrette is the same or has the same audience.  There is, however, always an emphasis on including the actual drinkers of coffee, the people whose dollars and palates fuel the specialty coffee industry.  Good coffee is complicated in a way that is unlike any other product, but at its core it is driven by a lot of different people all very passionate about coffee.  It is essential that this passion not be hidden behind a wall of barista and well designed bags, but shared and made inviting to all drinkers of coffee.

The first Coffee Charrette was held at Cafe Demitasse. La Coffee Club brought 15lbs Angle City Blend from local LA roaster Groundwork.  A few people had a little more coffee than they bargained for, but everyone had a good time.  Subsequent Coffee Charrettes have focused on Home Brewing and Home Roasting.  Support from local coffee businesses has included, in addition to the ever present Cafe Demitasse, The Conservatory for Coffee, Tea, and Cocoa, Trystero Coffee,  and Behmor Inc..

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