La Brew Charrette – wrap up

I have to give a huge shout out to Cafe Demitasse and all the staff that participated in the Brew Charrette.  It says a lot about their commitment to the LA coffee community and about their love of coffee that they took the time to share their personal experiences and insights into various methods of preparing coffee in the home with just about anyone who cared to be there.  Thank you Cafe Demitasse.

When brewing:  25g coffee / 350g water

My general takeaway from the charrette was that I like siphon coffee a whole lot more than other brew methods, and that the Vario W is a killer brew tool.  It also seems difficult to make people feel comfortable making a cup of coffee on the spot.  It was the same at the Espresso Charrette.  Making coffee seems to be more like a culinary activity than a mechanical process, which is nice but does present a barrier to spontaneous participation.

I really enjoyed the public nature of this charrette.  I’m a creature of the online coffee forums, but they represent only a small slice of the coffee loving world.  It was good to meet some people with a different relationship with coffee.  My impression from talking to charrette attendees is that there either aren’t a whole lot of public coffee education events going on in LA or, if there are, there isn’t a simple way of finding them.  I would love to find a way to centralize or aggregate information about such events.  If you know of someone keeping track of public coffee events please put me in touch.  In the mean time I’m trying to think up a way track them  that I can actually keep updated….

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