La Home Roasting Charrette – wrap up

As usual, I would first like to thank everyone who came to the Home Roasting Charrette.  I would like to give some extra thanks to those who brought their personal roasting equipement, as well as to Bobby and Cafe Demitasse, Greg from Trystero Coffee, and AJ at The Conservatory for Coffee, Tea, and Cocoa.

I think we managed to roast about ten 1/2lb batches of green coffee and there was more than enough for everyone to take some home.  By now that coffee should be more than ready to open up and start grinding.  I hope that it’s making some tasty cups.

The Charrettes are a complicated thing.  They’re a strange mashup of a coffee geek meetup and a consumer coffee education workshop.  My hope is that we can find a way for these two things to compliment each other seeing that coffee is as much about community as it is about the liquid that end up in your cup.  I think that this one went pretty well.  There were a number of participants that had never roasted before, and I think they got to see that roasting coffee isn’t too complicated and got hear what first crack sounds like.  I’m afraid that in the rush to roast as much as we could, they didn’t get  to actually take charge of roasting a batch from beginning to end.  This kind of hands on engagement is one of my primary goals for the Charrettes, and I think that making sure that everyone gets the oppertunity or at least the invitation to actually make something (that is what this is about) is worth having to impose some extra structure on the otherwise free wheeling proceedings.


The beans pictured about were roasted using a Poppery II air popper.  The batch size was small, and the consistency isn’t really there, but the fact that a $5 device from Goodwill can roast coffee is just really cool.  It was great to have it at the Charrette – thank you Brian!.

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